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Lifetime Guarantee

Motive Magic guarantees the repair of rock chips (stars, bull's-eyes, partial bull's-eyes, combination breaks,...) and cracks up to 6-inches in length for as long as you own the vehicle.

Motive Magic only uses the highest quality resins, which are guaranteed to restore the structural integrity of the windshield, prevent further cracking of the damaged area, and remain optically clear without discoloring.

Additionally, Motive Magic guarantees that the repair(s) will pass all state DOT and lease return inspections.

If you should have any concerns regarding repairs covered under the guarantee, please contact Motive Magic as soon as possible at (605) 381-7999.  An examination of the repair will be scheduled within 7-days (must have receipt on-hand).  If a successful re-repair cannot be accomplished, a refund not to exceed the original total repair amount will be sent to the original party responsible for payment.  This guarantee is non-transferable.



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